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Charlie Miller Finds New Hole in Non-Jailbroken iPhone OS

Charlie Miller Finds New Hole in Non-Jailbroken iPhone OS

Renowned Mac hacker Charlie Miller, who has won the CanSecWest Pwn2Own hacking contest two years in a row, has now found what is described as a potential security vulnerability in Apple’s iPhone.

According to a NetworkWorld report, the security analyst at Independent Security Evaluators discovered the possible flaw days ago, at the Black Hat Europe security conference. Miller’s discovery changes the way the public now views non-jailbroken iPhones, the report outlines.

On a more detailed note, the site reveals that researchers previously knew that running shellcode (code that can run from a command line) on an unmodded iPhone wasn’t possible. Thanks to Miller’s latest find, security researchers can scrub that belief. Moreover, the ability to run shellcode is an important matter, as it may allow a remote hacker to view a person’s messages, call history, etc.


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