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Can software development aspire to the cloud?

Can software development aspire to the cloud?

As we¡¦re all too aware, the tech field has always been all too susceptible to the fad of the buzzword, which of curse gave birth to another buzzword as popularized by gave birth to Gartner¡¦s Hype Cycles. But in essence the tech field is no different from the worlds of fashion or the latest wave in electronic gizmos ¡V there¡¦s always going to be some new gimmick on the block.

But when it comes to cloud, we¡¦re just as guilty as the next would-be prognosticator as it figured into several of our top predictions for 2009. In a year of batten-down-the-hatch psychology, anything that saves or postpones costs, avoids long-term commitment, while preserving all options (to scale up or ramp down) is going to be quite popular, and under certain scenarios, cloud services support all that.

And so it shouldn¡¦t be surprising that roughly a decade after re-popularized the concept (remember, today¡¦s cloud is yesterday¡¦s time-sharing), the cloud is beginning to shake up how software developers approach application development. But in studying the extent to which the cloud has impacted software development for our day job at Ovum, we came across some interesting findings that in some cases had their share of surprises.


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