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Avaya to handle Africa from Middle East after restructuring

Avaya to handle Africa from Middle East after restructuring

IP communications vendor Avaya has lumped the Southern African markets in with its Middle East operation following a geographic restructuring of its EMEA business.

Sales into Southern Africa were previously handled from the UK, but the region will now join Avaya¡¦s Middle East and North Africa unit to create a new ¡¥Emerging Markets¡¦ region that also includes Turkey and Greece. Avaya expects the fine-tuning of its regional set-up to improve its sales efforts and bring all of the EMEA emerging markets that it serves under one umbrella.

¡§The feedback we have received from customers and partners is that increased and singular focus on the specific needs of customers will help us gain momentum in these key markets; at the same time, it made sense to align the African region with the other rapidly-growing emerging markets,¡¨ explained Michael Bayer, president of field operations for EMEA at Avaya.


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