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Ashton Kutcher out-tweets CNN in online battle

Ashton Kutcher out-tweets CNN in online battle

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher felled media-giant CNN on Friday in a twitter duel to see who could amass one million followers first.

The star of the television series “That ’70s Show” and husband of actress Demi Moore defeated the news channel in a race on the micro-blogging service that promised a large charitable donation from the winner, but was laden with social significance.

Kutcher, whose Twitter handle is @aplusk, had nearly 2,000 followers more than CNN on the micro-blogging site when he reached the one million mark in the early hours of the morning. In a live webstream as he neared the winning post, the actor — sporting an upturned Panama hat — described the race as the “establishment” versus “we the people.”


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  1. rdlp715 says:

    Multimillionaire-celebrity-Hollywood-actor-married-to-fellow-multimillionaire-celebrity–Hollywood-actress is “we the people” now?

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