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Are You Holding Off on a PSP Purchase?

Are You Holding Off on a PSP Purchase?

Summer is almost here, and with it comes the chance to kick back in the great out-of-doors, get a tan, and forget the working world. Barbecues, hiking, trips to the beach – all opportunities to bring along your favorite video game handheld. Having grown out of touch-based minigames, many gamers might be considering taking the plunge and bringing Sony’s PSP along with them this year instead.

Despite the awesome lineup of games coming for the PSP, however, there are some factors that might be holding consumers back from picking up the hardware at retail. With a new revision on the way, what are the pros and cons of grabbing Sony’s handheld at the current price? We examine each in detail to see if now is a good moment to open your wallets or whether it would be better to hold off for a few months.


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