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Application Security Starts in the Development Lifecycle

Application Security Starts in the Development Lifecycle

Application security starts during the development process. Thwarting hackers means reducing the number of security vulnerabilities out there, something that starts with proper planning, those in the field said. IT is an interesting world, one where the Web is simultaneously a key driver for business and a popular gateway for attackers.

With both these forces at work, it shouldnˇ¦t be surprising enterprises are starting to take application security more seriously. Statistics from a recent survey by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) found that a quarter of the respondents plan to increase spending on Web application security.

Thatˇ¦s a good sign, because there is no shortage of Web application vulnerabilities. But the situation also begs the question as to how businesses should go about the process of building security into the application development lifecycle, which while it sounds nice, can often be quite messy and requires sound planning.


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