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A need to know?

The iPhone’s secret silicon: A need to know?

The precise specifications for many iPhone chips are murky. Should Apple be more open about its secret ingredients? Granted, many people don’t care about the silicon inside their iPhone. They just want it to work. That said, I think more than a few people would like to see the specifications for the iPhone’s core silicon posted on Apple’s Web site.

By comparison, take your typical laptop. Prospective buyers are able to see the exact specifications and make an informed buying decision. Though the iPhone isn’t offered in different processor SKUs (models) like a laptop, the iPhone comes close to a PC in its capabilities and demands more disclosure.

Nikkei’s TechOn Web site takes a stab at what the iPhone’s main chip might be–generically referred to as an application(s) processor: “An LSI (large-scale integrated circuit) printed with Apple Inc.’s logo (“339S0036 ARM K4X1G163PC-DGC3″) was embedded on the center right of the board. It was assumed to be an application processor with an ARM core. Because it included a letter string beginning with ‘K,’ it seemed to be manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. of Korea.”


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